Now that you have completed the American Heart Association Instructor Essentials Online Course, it is now time to attend the in-person, hands-on classroom portion of the program. This informative and intense one-day classroom experience, conducted by Emergency Care Professionals Training Center Faculty, is designed to reinforce lessons learned during your online course, and prepare you for success as an American Heart Association Instructor. Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • AHA's Mission
  • AHA Instructor Network
  • Program Administration Manual
  • Course Instruction and Equipment Requirements
  • Course Roster Submission and Records Retention
  • Quality Assurance
  • CPR & ECC Science Updates
  • Getting Organized
  • Card Processing and Ordering
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Technology and Software
  • AHA and Emergency Care Professionals Policies and Procedures
  • Maintaining Instructor Status
  • Provider Skills Performance Testing
  • Provider Written Exam
  • Instructor Written Exam
  • + Much, Much More

You will need to bring the following items to class:

  • A copy of your current, non-expired American Heart Association Provider card
  • A copy of your valid driver's license or state issued identification card
  • A copy of the Certificate of Completion from your Instructor Essentials Online Course
  • A copy of the Instructor Candidate Workbook (this may be printed from within the Instructor Essentials Online Course)
  • The appropriate Instructor Manual for the discipline in which you are seeking Instructor status
  • A laptop (preferred) or tablet capable of connecting to the internet

We strongly encourage Instructor Candidates to prepare for class by reviewing the Instructor Essentials Online Course materials, familiarizing yourself with the Instructor Manual, and being well-versed in your provider knowledge and skills. Instructor Candidates are required to demonstrate their provider proficiency, and will be evaluated on their hands-on skills performance. Instructor Candidates must also pass both the provider and instructor written examinations with a minimum score of 84% in order to successfully complete the Instructor Essentials Classroom Course.