Absolutely! Emergency Care Professionals is approved, authorized, and / or accredited by the American Heart Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Safety and Health Institute, Missouri Professional Development, Illinois Department of Public Health, and National Registry of EMTs. Our instructors maintain current instructor status, as well as provider proficiency, in each discipline they are authorized to teach.
All instructors possess the appropriate instructor credentials for the courses they are qualified to teach. Our Instructors are experienced healthcare professionals (EMTs, Paramedics, RNs, etc.) actively working in such areas as fire service, EMS, air medical, emergency departments, ICU, and more. Each instructor maintains their proficiency by not only utilizing the skills they teach, but also through ongoing training, guideline updates, skills testing, written exams, and course instruction monitoring and evaluations. Rest assured, your instructor is well trained, professional, friendly (yes - that's our requirement), and dedicated to your success.
Interested in becoming an instructor? Fantastic! Our staff is happy to assist you with the process, and answer any questions you might have. Simply give us a call at (855) 255-0202, or send us an e-mail at info@ecarepros.com.

More information regarding the instructor training process may also be found here.
We understand instructors have many reasons for seeking alternate alignment, and we appreciate your interest in our team. Whether it's relocation, a closing TC, the need for better support, or another situation - our staff is happy to speak with you. We care about our instructors and their success. Give us a call at (855) 255-0202, or send us an e-mail at info@ecarepros.com
Certification cards for all the programs we teach through the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Heart Association, and American Safety and Health Institute are valid for a period of two years from the date of course completion. The recommended renewal (expiration) date may be found on your certification card or certificate.
Printed and electronic (eCards) are issued immediately upon successful completion of your course or program. American Heart Association eCards do require a valid e-mail address, and the participant must register and "claim" their card.

Effective 01 January 2018, all US-based training centers are required to use American Heart Association eCards for issuing course completion cards to providers and students who successfully complete the requirements of AHA courses.
If your certification was a printed card, contact our office at (855) 255-0202. Once we verify your identity and successful course completion status we will issue a replacement certification card. There is a $10 fee for this service.

If your certification was an eCard, simply login to the account you created when you claimed your certification. No more lost, stolen, or destroyed cards. There is no fee for this service.

Replacement of a certification card, printed or electronic, does NOT extend the expiration date. Your replacement card will be issued with the same recommended renewal date as the original.
Please contact our office at (855) 255-0202. Our staff will be happy to assist you. Please be advised, some name changes may require identity verification.

Replacement of a certification card, printed or electronic, does NOT extend the expiration date. Your replacement card will be issued with the same recommended renewal date as the original.
An American Heart Association eCard is the electronic equivalent of a printed course completion card and can be provided to students as an alternative to a printed card. Effective 01 January 2018, all AHA Training Centers are required to issue eCards (printed cards will no longer be available). eCards are valid course completion cards and can be presented to employers as proof of successful completion of an AHA course. Like printed cards, eCards also expire two years from the issue date. More information regarding eCards may be found here.
AHA eCards are more secure than printed cards. A three-point verification by the TCC, Instructor and student, is required to issue and claim eCards. eCard information is populated electronically by the TCC or Instructor and can only be altered by the TCC or AHA Customer Service by using AHA’s My Cards™.
Students who have been assigned and emailed an eCard will receive an email from ecards@heart.org inviting them to claim their eCard online. Simply click the link in the body of the e-mail to complete the process of claiming your card. More detailed information regarding eCards and how to claim them may be found here.
Yes! The authenticity of an eCard may be verified here.
Unless otherwise indicated, all registration fees, course fees, and required materials are to be paid-in-full upon class, course, or program registration. Any participant with an outstanding balance will not be permitted to participate in their scheduled class, course, or program. Emergency Care Professionals does not invoice, bill, or otherwise extend credit to individual participants. During the online registration process, payments may be made via most credit or debit cards. In person payments may be made by cash, money order, business check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay. Personal checks are not accepted.

Emergency Care Professionals may, at their discretion, invoice a business client for group trainings, not to exceed NET 15. Accounts not paid-in-full by the invoice due date will incur a late fee of 5% of the outstanding balance, and require future registrations to be paid-in-full prior to the scheduled course date. Business checks that are returned for closed accounts, NSF, or otherwise not honored by the issuing bank will incur an additional $25 fee, and require all future payments be made via credit card, debit card, or cash.
Emergency Care Professionals limits enrollment for each course offering. When a participant registers for a course, a space is reserved specifically for that individual, and the number of remaining available registrations is reduced. This potentially may result in preventing another participant who needs to enroll from doing so. To this end, and in an effort to maintain cost-effective course fees, Emergency Care Professionals does not issue refunds to students who have paid and subsequently do not attend, cancel their registration, no-show, arrive late, or do not successfully complete their course.

We understand emergencies and unforeseen circumstances do occur. If you are not able to attend your originally scheduled class, simply call our office at (855) 255-0202, prior to the start of your class. A one-time reschedule will be allowed. Participants who arrive late, no-show, or fail to reschedule prior to the start of their class forfeit their payment and are not eligible for a refund, transfer, or reschedule.

Emergency Care Professionals takes great care to conduct every scheduled program. In the unlikely event Emergency Care Professionals cancels a course, 100% of the course registration fee will be refunded. Alternatively, participants may be given the option of transferring to another open enrollment class date, dependent upon course availability. For all cancellations, regardless of circumstances, the cost of books, shipping, supplies, virtual products, downloads, key codes, eBooks, and purchased equipment are not refundable.
The American Heart Association requires each student to have the current appropriate course textbook (student manual) readily available for use before, during, and after the course. Textbooks are designed for individual use and are an integral part of the student’s education before, during, and after the course. Students may reuse their textbooks during renewals until new science guidelines are published.

Participants are responsible for obtaining their individual required student manuals. Unless specifically and otherwise stated, student manuals are not included in the course registration fee. Participants are not required to purchase student manuals from Emergency Care Professionals or any specific vendor, and may choose to purchase directly from the American Heart Association's online store.

Emergency Care Professionals adheres to all national, state, local, and governing agency guidelines, rules, and policies. All classes, courses, and programs require participants be physically present, and actively participating, for the allotted scheduled times. Required educational information is delivered during these times. Arriving late, leaving early, or missing any portion of a program is disruptive to other participants and distracts from the delivery of necessary and required program content. As such, participants arriving more than fifteen (15) minutes beyond the scheduled program start time will not be permitted to attend or participate. Additionally, participants must be present during the entirety of the program, until such time as the program instructor officially ends the course. Those who depart early, miss more than fifteen (15) minutes of active class time, or are not present for any mandatory content, will not be eligible to receive a course completion card or certificate.

Medical First Responder, Emergency Medical Technician, and EMS Refresher programs, along with other multi-day or multi-session courses have specific attendance requirements. These requirements are outlined separately within the attendance policy for each course.

Participants may not bring additional non-registered guests or observers such as, but not limited to, friends, family, co-workers, children, spouses, etc. to any course or program. Anyone who is not an officially registered participant may not be present during any portion of class, as this may be disruptive to you, as well as other participants, and the Instructor.
Emergency Care Professionals occasionally captures photos, videos, and/or audio of students, events, and other aspects of our operations. By enrolling in any of our courses, you give expressed, written permission to Emergency Care Professionals to utilize all obtained media in any display, distribution, transmission, publication, brochures, marketing, advertising, and/or training materials. Use of such media may be in the form of print, digital, social media, streaming, and / or website. No financial compensation of any type shall be made by Emergency Care Professionals for the use of such media. You agree to hold harmless Emergency Care Professionals from any unforeseen damages resulting from the use of such media.