NOTE: You must be a currently licensed or certified healthcare professional to take this PALS Instructor Essentials Course. PALS skills must be within your scope of practice, and you must be a current PALS Provider.

The PALS Instructor Essentials Course is taught in a blended learning format. AHA PALS Instructor candidates must complete the online portion, followed by the hands-on session conducted by PALS Training Center Faculty. Prior to taking this course, candidates must have a current PALS Provider course completion card.

PALS Instructor Essentials Online is the self-directed, online portion of the PALS Instructor Essentials Blended Learning Course. The course educates instructor candidates on how to adequately use AHA Instructor teaching materials and follow AHA Instructor and course policies. 

PALS Instructor Essentials Classroom Course is the hands-on portion of the PALS Instructor Essentials Blended Learning Course. This in-depth, one day course is conducted by Emergency Care Professionals Training Center Faculty and builds upon the lessons learned in the online course.

Following completion of the online and classroom courses, Instructor Candidates must be monitored teaching their first course.

Upon completion of the online and classroom courses and successful monitoring, Instructors can teach the PALS Provider Course and the HeartCode PALS Hands-On Session.

Note: Unlike BLS Instructors and Heartsaver Instructors, PALS Instructors may not freely conduct courses on their own. The American Heart Association mandates a PALS Course Director be present at every PALS course. New PALS Instructors do not meet PALS Course Director qualifications.

Comprehensive details outlining the steps to achieve American Heart Association PALS Instructor status can be found here.